What is a CHEK Practitioner?

CHEK Practitioners are specialists in the field of scientific exercise coaching, having completed levels in the CHEK certification program. CHEK practitioners work with clients taking a holistic approach to training that considers more than just exercise as the solution to weight or health problems. Your CHEK trainer will perform a  comprehensive health assessment using diet and health questionnaires, body measurements, training and nutrition diaries to develop and fine tune a program that is specifically tailored to your health needs and goals.

What is involved in a CHEK program?

At your initial consultation your CHEK practitioner will work with you to understand your health goals. You will receive a training folder which includes health and diet questionnaires which you will be asked to complete and bring to your next visit. This information will enable your trainer to determine the areas that are causing illness or decreased health and help them to design a program specifically for you. Your CHEK trainer will guide you with information relating to nutrition, relaxation, exercise and general healthy behaviours. Your exercise program can be completed in the privacy of our gym studio with the guidance of our CHEK practitioners.

How long will I need to be on the program?

The length of time required to achieve your health goals is very much dependent on the complexity of your problems and your goals. A CHEK program is about providing you with information and skills that will enable you to maintain a healthy lifestyle, achieving the most from your self.

Who will benefit from CHEK training?

If you are committed to achieving the most from your body then a CHEK program is for you. Because programs are designed around your specific health and lifestyle needs it is suitable for you regardless of your exercise experience. If you have tried other diets or exercise programs and just aren’t achieving the results you want and deserve then call us to discuss how we can help you achieve them.

How can we help you to reduce the impact stress has on your health?

In our busy lifestyles there are many stresses on our body that can negatively affect our health. This can include poor sleep patterns, less than optimal nutrition or lack of the right exercise. Through our extensive analysis you and your practitioner will identify areas of stress and develop strategies for optimising your health. This can include energy-balancing exercises, mind body exercises, good nutrition and corrective exercises.

What if I have an injury?

An essential part of providing you with the right exercise program is understanding your history of injury or illness. One of the key areas  of a CHEK  program that sets it apart from other exercise programs is the comprehensive analysis and assessment undertaken to provide you with the optimal program to overcome your injury. It is important to correct existing injuries prior to commencing any exercise program. Corrective exercises are a foundation of the rehabilitative process.

At Bodies in Balance our CHEK Practitioners stress excellent exercise technique and are skilled in developing programs that will strengthen your body and lessen the likelihood of further injury.

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