This is the CHEK institute’s main website. Here you can find heaps of information about the CHEK institute such as, its practitioners, courses, philosophy and how the CHEK institute started and evolved to what it is today. This site is particularly useful if you are considering doing a course or finding a practitioner but there is still a lot of other great information.


This site is an online healthy community site. You can sign up and get lots of information, read articles or watch videos related to living a healthy lifestyle. This site is similar to the CHEK institute site.


Highest Quality Health (HQH) is a company based in New Zealand. It looks after the south pacific area for the CHEK institute. It is a big online store where you can get lots of information relating to health care products, exercise equipment etc and you can even purchase equipment or courses.


Dr Joseph Mercola is an American medical doctor and Osteopathic physician. His site is dedicated to providing health and medical knowledge and resources that will most benefit you as well as exposing corporate, government and mass media hype that diverts people away from what is truly best for their health.


A great site for information regarding natural cures for all types of conditions. You can join up as a member for a small amount and then get access to a lot more information.


A fantastic alternative health site with lots of great information that you won’t hear in the mainstream media.


The Australian Vaccination Network website provides information about non-pharmacological ways of enhancing health. It emphasises that health can be maintained through proper nutrition, exercise, a loving environment and family and with the help of alternative and traditional medicine. Their goal is to provide people with informed health choices on the benefits and risks of health treatments.


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